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The tub can be a slippery place. Showers, relaxing baths - if you have issues with dexterity or balance, these everyday events can become hazardous to your health. But luckily, just like our products, The Grab Bar Guy is here for you! For more than 15 years, we’ve done bathroom grab bar installations for customers all over Sarasota and Manatee County FL, and built a name for ourselves for the highest-quality results. 

For those who have never needed them, the Grab Bar may seem like a puzzling accent. But for those people who do, it can be a LIFESAVER. Grab Bars - two metal handles fitted to the wall (of a water feature) that help people pull themselves to an upright position - can be installed quickly and easily, and provide the safety you need. Here at the Grab Bar Guy, our trained, licensed technicians know how important these shower and bath safety grab bars are. So, we take the time to completely customize them to your home, and ensure flawless stable functionality for life. 

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